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  • Ontsnappingspercentage: 45%
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Awesome and unique experience

This is a very unique room that we definitely advise doing. The concept is very unique and the puzzles are nice. There is added difficulty to this as part of it is under water. Swimming experience is a must but diving experience is not needed. We played the room with the two of us and it is possible to do but a 3rd person would have helped a lot. The hosts are great and we had a nice talk with them afterwards. Unfortunately we just didn't manage to escape but still enjoyed the room immensely.

  • Swimming with the fishs
  • Concept
  • Part of the room is under water
  • Hosts
  • Great decor
  • Free parking at the location
  • More things to find under water would have been co


The hosts where great. There are several puzzles that provides the same information which we didn't like as much. Puzzles fit the story and the era. The begging was very unexpected and added to the experience.

  • Host
  • Story
  • More puzzles that gave the same information

Scary, thrilling and blood pumping

Lots of puzzles both physical and mental. The story was story was nice and scary but not too scary. We didn't escape but the host let us play the room out and afterwards we talked with the host about different rooms. We definitely suggest playing both rooms from these owners. Both rooms are different in playing style and story. Nice variety of puzzles and very original elements.

  • Story
  • Host
  • Level of Scariness
  • Nice variety of puzzles
  • Free parking at the door
  • Too dark


Nice room with a nice build up in the excitement and scariness. You have no padlocks in this room and all the puzzles are nicely Integrated in the room and the story. Fun hosts and we talked over different rooms and designs. There is no way to tell time in this room. The hosts where open for suggestions and the minor points we had noticed with some of the puzzles are going to be changed.

  • Atmosphere
  • Hosts
  • Varaity of Puzzles
  • Free parking at the door

The beginning of the room sets a level of expectation that does not follow through the room

It's ok for beginners. Puzzels are linear and very one dimensional. The story and theme are nice but not all puzzels fit the era it is set in.

  • Free parking at the door
  • Story
  • Linear puzzles
  • The ending does not fit the rest of the experience

Bloody awesome

One of the scarier rooms we played. But overall really nice room with a nice variety of puzzles and a great host that was in character from the moment we entered. The puzzles and story fit nicely. It says minimum 3 but can be played with two just let them know it advance.

  • Scary
  • Host
  • Story

Great adventure

The room is really nicely designed, puzzles fit the story and the era it is set in perfectly. There are amazingly mechanical puzzles you expect to find in the year 1627. The host was was very welcoming and we had a nice talk afterwards about different escape rooms. Overall we definitely recommend this room. Even though it is for minimum 3 people you can play it with 2 more experience players. Even though we didn't escape (but was really close) we had great fun. At the end the host lets us still experience the rest of the room.

  • Puzzles fit the era
  • original
  • Great host
  • Great eye for detail
  • Atmosphere
  • Storyline
  • Everything fitted perfectly

Good room with an interesting ending

The room let's you step into the shoes of a fireman and experience similar hurdles. The hosts are very nice and elevate the experience. Even though the two of us couldn't finish in time, they let us play out the story. It is possible to play with two, but more players is advised. We wished the theme of the room was even a bit more incoprated throughout the whole experience.

  • original
  • hosts
  • ending
  • setup
  • Not all puzzles in theme

Super gaaf

Dit was een heele leuke escaperoom met goed verhaal in een geweldige setting. Zeker aan aanrader.

Geweldige kamer

Dit was een leuke escaperoom met vriendelijke gastvrouw. De kamer was alles wat je van een goede escaperoom zou verwachten, goed verhaal, goeie puzzel een heel leuke sfeer.

  • Heel Sfeervol
  • Verhaal
  • Leuk puzzels


Nice escape room with interesting puzzles in an original setting. Unfortunately the room can get very loud which made communication very difficult. It specifics that you can play with 2 but that would be very challenging. At some puzzles 3 people did save time which you would lose with 2.

  • Setting
  • Puzzles
  • Dark
  • Loud


The whole experience was awesome, the story, the puzzles, the details... everything was great with an awesome unexpected surprise. They really went out of their way to make this an awesome escape experience.

  • Story
  • Host
  • Puzzles
  • Details
  • Too little time


Very cool unique room for 2 people. This room was clearly created with attention to detail. All the puzzles were fun and original. Everything fitted and everything was in the style and story including the excellent hostess which made the whole experience even better. We definitely recommend this room to any team of two.

  • Story
  • Atmosphere
  • Hostess
  • Puzzles
  • Decore

Great room with variety of puzzles

There is no clock in the room by design, so don't know how much time you have which can be positive or negative. The room was nicely decorated and designed. The puzzles had a good flow. The story was nicely incorporated in the room. With the two of us we escaped just in the nick oftime.

Orginal and hard room

Nice room with original ending. Some of the puzzles were original. There is no clock in the room by design, so you don't know how long you have left, which can be positive or negative.

Cool room with fun puzzles

This room has a great story and atmosphere, the puzzles were also cool. overall we had lots of fun playing it.

Nice room with great story

This room was the 1st escaperoom we played and it got us hooked. It has been some years since we played it but it left quite an impression.

  • Story
  • Atmosphere

Niet echt geweldig

Slechte kamer

Simpele puzzels, veel rommel en door verkeerde acties kun je niet meer alles oplossen.

  • Rommel
  • Onoplosbare puzzel door verkeerde actie eerder

Great room with variety of puzzles and surprises

The room was great and well designed, hosts are really nice and helpful. The puzzles are diverse and challenging. Almost escaped with just the 2 of us. The room is for 3 but 2 experienced players can play.

  • Host