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One Hour Lockup Crowd favorite: 2020

One Hour Lockup in Naarden has 2 beautiful escape rooms and more than 15 Virtual Reality escape games. Before and after you can enjoy a drink in our lounge and all areas are air-conditioned.


You and your team will be locked in a mysterious room. A room with a story. A room with a threat. You have an hour to escape before worse things happen ... As you search the space, you come across all kinds of special objects that you can use on your way to freedom. By solving puzzles and riddles, by thinking logically and with a dose of team spirit you will always go a step further! And while time is ticking away, the room appears to have many hidden secrets. Escaping is not so easy ...


A Virtual Reality (VR) escape game is a grand, interactive adventure that you and your friends experience as if you were really there. In this virtual world, you get to the most amazing places, become the hero of the movie and experience situations that would be far too dangerous or simply impossible in real life.

Each player gets their own VR headset with built-in speakers and microphone. You also get a controller in each hand. You stay in your own game area during the game. You do not have to walk, you can teleport yourself to other places. You can pick up or throw things away, but you can also climb on something or operate devices, for example. You determine the strategy with your friends. Through good cooperation you can bring this adventure to a successful conclusion. You really have to see this as an escape game, you are in constant contact with the rest of your team and you will only progress if you consult and work together.

We use highly professional VR equipment, in all areas (sharpness, refresh, comfort) not comparable to VR on phones and consumer versions of VR headsets. This is a completely different experience!

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