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About has grown into the biggest escape room platform of the BeNeLux with more than 55.000 reviews and 75.000 visitors a month. Into a place where thousands of escape room enthusiasts and owners come together.

English isn't our native language so feel free to let us know any mistakes or if you have suggestions of any kind. We're open to all kinds of feedback and appreciate the input! We made our data available in English so tourists coming to the Netherlands can navigate our great escape rooms better.

What does has to offer?

  • A huge database with escape rooms and games, including an every day growing database of reviews.
  • Top lists. Based upon your reviews and our algorithms we calculate a top list for locations and rooms every night.
  • Profiles. Creating your own profile has many advantages. You can keep tracks of the rooms you played or the rooms you want to play in your wishlist.
  • forum. Join other enthusiasts and exchange tips!
  • Make a page for your escape team and see how you do in comparison to other teams.
  • Reviews are not attached to rooms. That way you can easily see which rooms are worth visiting and which ones are probably worth avoiding.
  • Escaperoom owners can get a free account and change the info of their own listing and react to reviews. If you want to thank someone for a positive review or defend yourself against a bad one. And if you take a subscription as an owner you get even more functions.
  • And lots more like our route planner, room suggestion tool, our shop etc.
The first visit to an escape room in January of 2016 sealed the deal right away. I was hooked. I booked another escape room the day after right away. And since then, when money and time permits, I tried to visit as much escape rooms as possible. But which escape rooms are worth visting? And which rooms specifically at those locations? Because some rooms are a lot better than others at the same location. And how do you get in touch with other enthusiasts? You want to share that enthusiasm right? I thought the already existing escape room websites were lacking in those parts. So what do you when you're a webdeveloper (Pim)? You start your own site. And that's how started that same year. By now we're a couple years further down the road and Escapetalk has grown from a passion project to a full blown platform. A platform that's being worked on by several people every day.

Register your own account and join us! Or join our team! We're always looking for people to help us with news or keeping our database up to date.