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Beautiful room

We played with 2 people in English. Took 65 minutes. First, this was was built by 2 ladies (the owners) who have played alot of rooms together. That's already impressive. Really beautiful room and everything is in theme. Nice host. She gave good hints and not too much. Original puzzles. The lighting is dark and you need to look well, you are given a light which sort of helps. Small amount of maths. You need to crawl, and you get a little dusty but not much. Nice and relaxed afterwards and not rushed out by the host. Highly recommend. One of the nicest looking rooms we have done, decor is on par with escape from wonderland. Do this room if you haven't yet.

  • All is in theme
  • Nice puzzels
  • English and dutch
  • Nix

Prison feel

This room follows in from Jasons Curse. Feels like a real Texas prison. Nice host. Puzzles require team work which is good, great effects. Done in English as a couple and escapes with a minute to spare. We got to keep our ID cards from the prison which is cool. Music is throughout and tense.

  • Like a real prison
  • Great effects
  • Dutch and english

The best room we’ve done yet

We were with 2 and got out with seconds to spare. Great puzzles, nice host, beautiful decor. Cosy waiting area. Do this room.

  • Everything
  • The wait for the next room

Great room

A great experience. Can be done in Dutch or english, We did the room in English. Alot of puzzles. Some effects. Nice host. Good hints when needed. Need to do math but you’re given a paper and pen to use in the room. Have to know basic roman numerals. Going back into previous areas makes the room non-linear. Not too much of a storyline but it doesnt bother us. Overall we highly recommend. We were with 2 and got out with 48 seconds left.

  • Puzzles
  • Nice host
  • English and Dutch