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Magical experience that makes you feel outer worldly

Amazing, just like my past experience with delftescape the hosts are great, kind and ready for you! You start of with the companies signature warmup game which really gets you hyped up for the room. All warmed up? Then lets go into the room! And thats where the magic happens, as soon as you go through the door you feel yourself in another world. The music is fantastic and the decoration is spotless and perfect. The room offers some easy and some hard puzzles, the execution of some of them is hilarious and ensures that you don’t loose your energy throughout the room, and like previously with delftescape: no boring number pads. The story of the room is clear and fun to follow, you really get into Saving the Kingdom! All in all top experience with nothing to criticize except that it was done after an hour :( 10/10

  • Decoration
  • Atmosphere
  • Music
  • Puzzles
  • Staff
  • Story
  • Again, decoration, it’s A-mazing

Amazing throwback to the 15th century

Amazing escaperoom, as soon as you go inside you are greeted by a big smile. Aside from the cozy hospitality offered, delftescape offers a sligthly different take on escaperooms, while still maintaining the traditional exilerating puzzle experience. And yes, rather than collecting digits for x amount of numberpads, they are head-scratching riddles that throw you back to the 15th century! The Location ofcourse is simply fantastic, and while I found this room spooky I‘d have liked a bit more horror. Nonetheless 10/10

  • Location
  • Atmosphere
  • Kind Staff