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Experience to remember

This escape room turned out to be the best we've played so far. Before you get inside it is difficult to imagine that an old building in the centre of Amsterdam can have a setting like that. Several spaces starting from very realistic bunker-like room ending with a completely different culmination. Most puzzles are fully integrated into the plot which is a rare thing. Sound and design of the rooms makes it totally real-life-like. And a few effects you will remember for long. Very very cool.

  • Design of rooms
  • Logical and integrated puzzles

not typical

Those guys managed to create a deep story starting from the moment you enter the building. Very friendly host and great start. Inside you get the atmosphere of the story and the decor is great. The only thing we struggled with is the connection between the puzzles, it felt a bit random. Individually most puzzles are nice though.

  • Decor
  • Story
  • Internal logic


Classical escape room with quite some locks and keys. However the atmosphere is outstanding and there are many moments where you get really scared. For beginners this room is perfect, for advanced players it is still very nice experience.

  • Atmosphere
  • Sound