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Jan von alvensleben

Escape Apprentice



Jan from Göttingen/Germany. 

Played 43 rooms in Germany, Netherlands, Swiss, Sweeden and Czech Republic. 

Der Opa - Breakout Göttingen

Der Fotograf - Breakout Göttingen

Armageddon -Zürich (19.03.2017)

Jack the Ripper - Kassel

Kovalyovs Labor - Wernigerode (Februar 2018)

Das Planetarium (20.03.2018) 43 min  Breakout Göttingen

Deuterium dark deeds - Wernigerode (25.03.2018)

Der Architekt - Amsterdam (20. April 2018)

Voodo Island - Kassel (Juli 2018)

Kamer 237

The Space (01.09.2018)

Sherlock? - Eindhoven

Honeymoon Hotel 

Der Puppenspieler (2.11.2018)

The Cube(2.-3.11.2019)

Die Piratenhütte (3.11.2018)

Der Henker (3.11.2018)

The lost treasure of Alexander von Humboldt (15.10.2018) (55:36sek)

Das Waisenhaus - Augsburg (Dezember 2018)

Doc Eisenbarth -Braunschweig (27.01.2019)

Haunted Hotel - Obernkirchen (17. März 2019)

Zellenblock C - Göttingen (24. März 2019)

Die Welfenverschwörung - Hidden Hannover 31.03.2019?)

Die Zelle - Dresden (Ostern 2019)

Haunted House 2- Poltergeist

Ernie Hudson und die weinende Frau 

Ernie Hudson und der Zoo des Todes (19.05.2019)

Da Vinci Code - Zürich 

Cellblock15 (Jönköping)

The Bank Heist B (Göteborg)

The Bunker 

Stone Creek Killer (Göteborg)

The Lockyard Betrayal (Göteborg)

Wernigerode - der Bergmönch

Alma Park Gelsenkirchen - der heilige Gral - 9.8.2019

Alma Park Gelsenkirchen - das Geheimnis der 666 Passagiere - 9.8.2019

DarkPark Zoetermeer - The end 10.8.2019

Escape Room Nederland Bunschoten - De meisjekamer 10.8.2019

Flight 815 - Vooburg - down the hatch 11.8.2019

The Bank Tilburg

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2 kamers gespeeld

50% ontsnappingspercentage


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Die zwei ??

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2 reviews


Timed Adventures
Geplaatst op: 21 juni 2021

Incredibly good escape room!

We had expected a good room but our expectations were more than exceeded!

We have played over 100 rooms and Inferno is really a top room. lots of good puzzles, a super nicely made and authentic setup and a great finale.

who likes action will loves inferno!

Also a very good choice for families with children. the owner and his team did a really good job!

Thanks a lot and best wishes from
Team Letscape // Friederike & Jan


Sfeer: 10.0

Spelbeleving: 10.0

Service: 10.0

Gespeeld in juni 2021

Gespeeld met 2 personen

Ontsnapt: Ja

  • THE FINAL!!!
  • You can only Play it once’s


Flight 815

Down The Hatch
Geplaatst op: 8 september 2019

Immersive, original and story fitting puzzles, great decoration of the room

Flight 815 is one of the top rooms we have played yet! We found many puzzles we havent seen before althought we played quite some rooms before (about 40). The puzzles fit into the story really well and combined with the really impressing dekoration in this room, flight 815 turned out to be an immersive escape room experience.
I think one quite important fact for the mood you get while playing an escape room is the question how hints are given. In this room also the hintsystem is well integratet into the story, which makes it feel more suitable to get hints. We played the flight 815 with two people which is quite few according to the number of puzzles and the size of the room, so in the end we barely missed to escape. Next time I would rather play with 3 or 4 persons, but since the gamemaster always knew where we were and how to guide us (if needed) it was lots of fun although with 2 people! Aditionally, it would be really nice if one would get a photo of the visit in the end (via email).
I will definetly come back to play the other (and the new) room with my friends!


Sfeer: 9.5

Spelbeleving: 10.0

Service: 8.5

Gespeeld in augustus 2019

Gespeeld met 2 personen

Ontsnapt: Nee

  • originality of puzzles
  • decoration of the room
  • hintsystem


0 reviews