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Richard teunen

Junior Escaper


Lid sinds



Lier Belgium



1 reviews

20 kamers gespeeld

100% ontsnappingspercentage


0 reviews

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5 teamleden

18 kamers gespeeld

1 reviews

Super Experience

We played the escape room with 4 individuals and it was a fantastic experience. The reception is nicely decorated and our host did a phenomenal job of setting the mood for the room with a good combination of humor and story. The room was well decorated and the variety of puzzles was great with some physical puzzles as well as mental riddles. It was great that we had to move between the various areas available in the game and there was never any frustration with the puzzles. The ending was well done and the host tool the time to have a nice discussion with us after the game. Overall a fantastic room and we look forward to playing the next one


Sfeer: 10.0

Spelbeleving: 10.0

Service: 10.0

Gespeeld in februari 2023

Gespeeld met 4 personen

Ontsnapt: Ja  68:00 min

  • Ambiance
  • Great service
  • Puzzles
  • Experience
  • Diversity
  • Great host


0 reviews