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Escape Apprentice


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1 reviews

Amsterdam Catacombs

Logic Locks Amsterdam
Geplaatst op: 22 juni 2022

One of the best and scariest adventures we've done so far

We didn't know what to expect, but we were hooked from the moment we bought the ticket.
The whole experience is tailored to create an atmosphere of mystery mixed with fear and superstition.
The actors are never out of character and they play their part amazingly!
It's worth every penny, we would really reccommend it and can't wait to try another of the Logic Locks experiences.


Sfeer: 10.0

Spelbeleving: 10.0

Service: 10.0

Gespeeld in juni 2022

Gespeeld met 2 personen

Ontsnapt: Nee

  • Ambiance
  • Great service
  • Original
  • Storyline
  • Puzzles


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