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1 reviews

Molly's Game

Down The Hatch
Geplaatst op: 16 augustus 2023

Impressive mechanics and engaging story

Often in an escape room the story is mostly background nice, whereas the meat of the game is just focusing on different puzzles. In Molly’s Game the story is a big focus, and we actually got excited to read when we discovered new letters. The story is quite compelling.

There are a handful of mechanics that quite unusual, that I haven’t seen in other games before.

And there were some occurrences in the room that we were really impressed that they managed to pull off.

Great game, great puzzles, highly recommend.


Sfeer: 10.0

Spelbeleving: 10.0

Service: 10.0

Gespeeld in augustus 2023

Gespeeld met 5 personen

Ontsnapt: Ja  59:15 min

  • Goede service
  • Puzzels
  • Origineel
  • Verhaal
  • Spannend


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