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Team Sky High

Registered: 30-11-2018

2 team members

4 reviews placed

25% escaped

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Wij zijn een 4 tal enthousiaste spelers. 

Arianne, Ivan, Esther en Philippe

4 reviews

The Conductor
The Conductor Riddle Room


Ambiance: 8.5

Game experience: 9

Service: 8.5

Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can Next Level Escaperoom Eindhoven


Ambiance: 7.5

Game experience: 8.5

Service: 7

The Vault
The Vault Sherlocked


Ambiance: 10

Game experience: 10

Service: 9

Illuminati Headquarters
Illuminati Headquarters One Hour Lockup


Ambiance: 8.3

Game experience: 8.3

Service: 8.3