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Why advertisements? is a well visited website with around 75.000 visitors a month. It's a passionproject that we love to donate our time and money to. For the long-term future it's healthy to cover a bit of our costs (hosting and development) though. We don't want to manipulate our searchresults or use other hidden money-making businessmodels. That's an absolute no-go. We want to remain totally transparant. That's why we went with the advertisement model and optional subscriptions for owners. The base functionality will remain free.

What kind of ads? 
Don't be afraid, you will not get to see any weird advertisements. We will only allow escape room related advertisements. We retain the right at all time to deny any advertisement. We do stimulate the use of advertisements for promotional actions so both our visitors and escape room owners profit, but it's up to the advertisers if they want to do that.

How can I advertise on
Advertising works with credits. You only pay when you ad actually scrolls into the screen of our visitors. With a subscription you'll get a discount on your credits and you'll  have more options. Credits also become cheaper when you buy bigger bundles.

We have two categories of banners:

  • Premium are the banners on top.
  • Regular are the banners a bit lower on the pages.
Ads will be rotated randomly and automatically. Views and clicks will be tracked anonymously and we'll keep the costs of these ads low so they'll be profitable very fast.

We use the 728 x 90 format. Mobile this will be scaled down. We accept .JPG, .PNG and (animated) .GIF as file formats. Maximum filesize is 150kb.

I want an ad!
Great! You can start a campagn in our advertising center. If you have any questions, please do contact us, we would love to help!