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Marvin's Moonbase


Marvin's Moonbase

Introducing: Marvin's Moonbase
A (cliché) sequel

Loved Escaping from Mibo Island? Want more puzzles, more robots, more snarky Marvin? Our favourite A.I. has infiltrated the MASA moonbase - can you and your team stop him from launching his evil space rocket? And, perhaps more importantly, will you wear funny hats while doing it?

Anyone can play
Marvin's Moonbase is an online escape game, suitable for beginners, people who are completely new to online puzzles and more advanced players who just want some easygoing fun. Play with your friends, colleagues or family. If you can browse the internet, you can play this game!

Almost like being in the same room
Walk around Marvin's Moonbase freely, your webcam image is your avatar. If you move away from someone, their voice will gradually become less audible. This way it feels remarkably like being in the same room.

Disclaimer: Wij verkopen dit product niet zelf maar verwijzen je door naar een van onze partners.