Making Escape Rooms for Educational Purposes

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Designed as a workbook, this book scaffolds the process of creating educational escape room style activities.

It can be followed through by individuals, but is best used as part of a small group, all contributing ideas. For extra guidance, it can be used as part of a group workshop facilitated by the author, Andrew Walsh.

Mainly designed to be used by instructors (of any sort!) to create escape rooms for their learners to use, it could also be used to help learners create their own escape room style activities.

Please write within this book (unless you've borrowed it from a library or a colleague!) and use it to structure your thoughts as you develop educational escape rooms for your learners. It's deliberately short and cheap so that you don't feel guilty about doing so!

Published by Innovative Libraries Press, a small publisher dedicated to creating affordable professional development books for educators, librarians, and learning support

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