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1 reviews

De Bagijnetoren

Geplaatst op: 4 augustus 2022

Great location, puzzles and story.

Conveniently located next to the ‘Prinsenhof’ parking garage this historic location offered a great family escape room experience.
Our game master provided clear instructions and cooled drinkwater bottles in the entrance room. And before you knew it we were on our mystery solving mission, the puzzles are fun, understandable and well designed.
After our game the host walked us through all the different puzzles and showed how we as a team solved to case.
The Escaperoom ‘De Bagijnetoren’ provided a professional and memorable experience and is highly recommend.


Sfeer: 9.0

Spelbeleving: 9.0

Service: 10.0

Gespeeld in augustus 2022

Gespeeld met 4 personen

Ontsnapt: Ja

  • Great service
  • Great host
  • Storyline


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