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Arguably the most advanced room we played. Loads of techy puzzles which require efficient collaboration between the players. Probably the place was completely rebuilt to fit this scenario, once inside you would never think that you are actually inside an old house on the canal belt since it really looks and feels like a bunker. A must-do in Amsterdam!

This is a "must-do" escape room if you are around Den Hague. Very well thought through scenario with amazing final stage of the game. Those guys are also opening another scenario soon not too far away. Now the expectations are high ;-)

Interesting project. We had a lot of fun. I think this concept has a lot of potential, it works for all types of people, you can select more action focused rooms or more mental challenge. Some puzzles can be improved, made more clear and it feels like some puzzles were malfunctioning (but might be wrong). The game itself actually has nothing to do with the prison, this is just a marketing thing, but it doesn't make it less fun.

Pretty good room with simple but nice puzzles. I am sure it would be very good for kids.

Very atmospheric experience starting from the introduction video and throughout till the end. We haven't escaped, needed maybe 2-3 minutes more. Still a very good impression. At some stage you start thinking, "how the hell they made this thing work?)))". Anyway, no more spoilers, come and play, this place is worth a ride.

The best old school escape room I've played. Mostly locks and keys but it doesn't damage the scenario and the flow of the game. And the ambience of the dentist room is created very realistically. If you have some experience best to play with smaller group.