Quarantine Live Escape Games

Have you ever imagine that you could get out of Jigsaw's deadly place before your time is up? Do you solve murder cases faster than CSI? If you do then here is your chance to prove it! Have you heard about the LIVE ESCAPE GAME?

This game is a real adventure taking place at a real place where you can touch anything and feel its atmosphere. We'll send you into a room and lock the doors behind you. Your team has 60 MINUTES to handle the problems, solve the quizes, collect the pieces of the puzzle, get the whole picture and find the way out! Be the sharp-minded person who pays attention to every little DETAIL in order to solve the mystery before you run out of time. The clock is ticking continuously while your heartbeat is rising. You can really feel the PRESSURE. If you don't use all of your abilities or are incapable of working together as a team, you won't get back your freedom again...

All you need is a sense of logic, intuition, ingenuity and collaboration. You have to answer questions, find keys, get codes, manage puzzles, solve the mystery and get out. 

Imported from Hungary where this kind of game was started. We have brought you the experience directly from its origins to the city of Brussels. The new phenomenon is available in your town as you read this. Two different rooms in the middle of Brussels are waiting for enterprising teams.
MA 12:0021:30
DI 12:0021:30
WO 12:0021:30
DO 12:0021:30
VR 12:0021:30
ZA 10:0021:30
ZO 10:0021:30