60 minuten
Min. 4 -~ Max. 6

The Bank Job

You and your team have to break in to a bank. You will have 60 minutes to steal everything you can! Once you get inside you will only have an hour before the police arrives. It’s not just a logic skill game, you will have to use your physical abilities as well.   Difficulty: 9,5/10
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    Misdaad, Mysterie

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Zeer drukke avond dus wel wat hectisch, verder super escaperoom!

Bedankt voor de leuke foto ;-)

  • Sfeer: 8
  • Puzzels: 9
  • Service: 7.5

Disappointing experience

This was the second room we played in this venue, as a part of the little escape trip to Antwerpen. When we played the first room, one of the thing we did not like a lot was the way of immediately giving clues, usually with the solution. Someone from the team, asked therefore to do not give clues right away. This was a terrible idea, because at a certain point we got stuck and they did not help at all, even when we asked for it (maybe they do not even have a microphone???). The service in general, as I said in the previous review, was friendly but rather commercial, not much dedication and after we exited the room, they did not even bother to take a second picture or asks us if we wanted one, which on top of what had happened in the room left me with an even larger disappointment about this venue.
The room started nicely, because as the name says it has to do with with breaking in a bank. Already the beginning is done much better in Dutch rooms like The Heist in Rotterdam, but all in all it started ok and logical.
At a certain point they told us via the monitor to split the group and then they locked us in that way. This is absolutely the worst game flow management I have seen in an escape room. It has nothing to do do with the story or logical behaviour connected to the story. From then on it was a struggle. Yes, on one hand our own incapacity, there is no doubt about that, but also several issues on top of that. The lack of hints, specially on the right moments, a very simple hint at the correct point in time would have been enought to change the experience. There was no connection whatsoever between the tasks to be solved and the idea of the room, as many elements and their placement made no sense in the context of the bank. Similar puzzles, which added confusion and a lot of places to input numbers including lock out safes, Puzzles that were extremely repetitive and that on top of that involved a trial and error component, which does not add difficullty to the puzzle as such but only increases the time needed for it.
There were a few nice elements in the room, one of them quite original, that we saw after they explained us the room afterwards, but as we missed it all during the playing of the game.
The decoration of the bank is ok, although very minimalistic, and also not done accordingly to what one would expect from a real configuration.
All in all the room is quite ok and challenging, as there are lots of things to do, but our experience was unluckily not very good. As a facit, many companies in Antwerpen are rather commercial ones and not of the high quality, I am more used from the rooms in Netherlands, which to a big extent are made by enthusiasts, in terms of puzzles, atmosphere and service.

  • Sfeer: 7
  • Puzzels: 7
  • Service: 6


Het ontvangst bij Antwerp Clue is altijd gemoedelijk en in orde. Er volgt een goede uitleg van de kamer zelf.

De kamer is goed aangekleed in thema, ergens in het spel wordt er iets gedaan met je groep, dit wisten we niet & het was dan ook moeilijk om verder te geraken in het spel. We bleven vastzitten op een bepaald punt.
Als ze binnenkwamen om ons de kamer verder uit te leggen waren we echt ontgoocheld dat we niet verder geraakt waren want de rest zag er nog zo leuk uit!
Het principe is we steeds hetzelfde: van het ene slotje naar het andere. Er zijn weinig inventieve puzzels.

  • goede ontvangst en uitleg
  • Laatste deel zag er leuk uit
  • steeds dezelfde puzzels
  • splitsen van de groep
  • Sfeer: 6
  • Puzzels: 6
  • Service: 6
  • Freddy — 18 kamers gespeeld
  • Geplaatst op 26 september 2018 - 19:57
  • Gespeeld met 5 personen in september 2018. Ontsnapt: Nee

Best escape room ever played!!!

Absolutely fantastic room! Sooooo real! Nice effects! Great puzzles! Nice surprise ;o))) And nice owner!

  • Nice puzzles
  • Interior
  • Effects
  • Sfeer: 10
  • Puzzels: 10
  • Service: 10

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  • Sfeer: 6
  • Puzzels: 6
  • Service: 6

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De totaalscore hoeft niet het gemiddelde te zijn van de deelcijfers. Soms verdient een kamer voor je gevoel een hoger of lager punt.

Sfeer 6
Puzzels 6
Service 6
Totaal 6

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