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Review policy

We're not planning on playing the role of police officer, but we do expect you to follow these rules when you post a review:

  • Behave. We love to see honest review, but don't burn someone down. Scolding and personal attacks will be removed right away.
  • Try to explain your score as good as possible. That's helpful to both our visitors as the escape room owners. With good feedback the level of quality of escape rooms will only rise. We advise you to notify the escape rooms themselves of any complaints first. This gives them the chance to fix any mistakes. 
  • An escape room should be a new experience for everyone. So don't spoil anything, nobody likes them.
  • Describe your personal experience in 1 review. Don't post multiple reviews with different names/emailaddresses or accounts. Don't post reviews for others or escape rooms you didn't visit / didn't have an appointment. Don't let people decide what you should put in your review, not even if they offer you something in return. Actions that we support will never be about leaving positive reviews.
  • Reviews of groups testing rooms (for free) might be deleted. Most of the time the rooms are not completely finished and the experience will be different from paying visitors. Give your feedback to those owners directly, it's faster and more effective. Unless you paid for the room you tested, in that case you can leave a review.
  • Don't post reviews (positive or negative) of the escape room you own, you work or used to work. Don't post reviews of competitive escape rooms. To prevent people doubting the sincerity of a review, owners and employees can't review escape rooms that are in a 15km range of their own escape room. For this reason also direct family isn't allowed to post reviews of escape rooms that involves family.
Abuse or not following these result will result in the removal of the review(s) and maybe even denial of access to our website. We retain the right to delete spoilers from a review or delete a review completely at any time. We don't go into discussion about these rules or the appliance of them.