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Verone - Live Action Escape Room

Athene, Greece


Ambiance: 9.5

Game experience: 9.2

Service: 9.4

Based upon 10 reviews

More about Verone - Live Action Escape Room

It seemed as a good idea to make tons of money easily and they had all the information required plus the keys because the dad of a group member owned the security company!

A disabled, visually impaired man shouldn’t be an obstacle...

The reality turned out to be a nightmare!!

What they didn’t know was that the disabled was a veteran of the United States special armed forces carrying the scars of the distortion of the war of Iraq in 1991!

His huge, isolated mansion was his own mission shelter!

This house in the disreputable neighborhood hid more secrets than they had expected and turned out to be a battlefield!

Will the invaders manage to survive this deadly escape game?

Most people wonder if this is a horror game. My aim was to create a game that would initially appeal to me! One that I would like to play myself! So I intended to create a game that combined action, psychological terror, a horror game in other words!

Therefore, The game is not a horror neither a riddle one! After all, I do not solve puzzles when I play but I like to experience the creator’s story!

In my game assistance might not be required because I guide you to live the experience rather than show off how smart you are!

Watching the movie before playing is highly recommended!











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Αγίου Κωνσταντίνου 28
13673, Athene


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