Escape Room 058 Leeuwarden

Terrorist Threat Room

The AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) is keeping a close watch on a terrorist headquarters. All of a sudden the suspects rush out of the location. Shortly thereafter a video is received in which they threaten with bombings. With great urgency you, a team of specialists, is mobilized to save The Netherlands. You have only one hour to find the bomb ánd dismantle it. Tic-tac-tic-tac!

2-7 persons (recommended 5-6)

Duration: max. 60 minutes


The Cabin

Officially the property has been empty for years, but it is swarming with bums and drug addicts. However, you have been witnessing strange things. An inexplicable scent, minivans arriving in the dead of night… Curiosity beats fear and you enter the building. That odd smell again… Was this a good idea?

2-6 persons (recommended 4-5)

Duration: max. 60 minutes


Room 313

Several guests before you have disappeared and no one has heard from them since.  Is there really truth in that old curse? You daredevils defy fate and book room 313 nonetheless. Upon arrival the janitor is behaving very peculiar. This does not feel right… Will you make it till the end of the night?

2-6 persons (recommended 4-5)
Duration: max. 60 minutes

Toilet available

PIN-payment possible

Free parking

Food available

Drinks available

Opening hours
MO 13:0023:00
TU 13:0023:00
WE 13:0023:00
TH 13:0023:00
FR 13:0023:00
SA 10:0023:00
SU 10:0023:00