Escape Las Vegas

Escape Las Vegas: Persistent rumors are in circulation that there is an illegal casino in De Blesse and that large sums of money are paid out in cash. But there is one problem. Not everyone is admitted overnight. With dollar signs in your eyes you decide to take the chance, but after arrival the visit almost immediately takes an unexprected drastic turn. Did you end up in a deathly game of Russian roulette?! 😱

Break In Battle: The Syndicate. The largest criminal network in the world. Started as a company smuggling booze and cigarettes in South America. They managed to get a firm grip on the market after the fall of Pablo Escobar, now they control 80% of the drug smuggling and guns trafficking worldwide.

Recently, it seems that they have made their first big mistake. The Syndicate used cover-up company Chameleon Chemicals to smuggle a large shipment of heavy artillery in sea containers with a fake bill of lading: M4 carbines, Berettas, 50 caliber machine guns, and even Javelin antitank missiles. Enough shit to start a war!

However, the notorious hacker Mick ‘Pacman’ Cantorino, hacked the Syndicate’s system and sold the destination coordinates of this shipment to several notorious criminal gangs who are now chasing this one big load. We are not talking about small local street gangs, but the real f*cking thing! Bikers, Mexicans, Russian mobsters, the Yakuza, Italian mafia, and even the Columbian cartel is on the hunt.

Word is out that they are close to tracking down the current location of the shipment and it’s just a matter of time before The Syndicate gets ripped for the first time in history. That would be a massive financial loss. And it would have a huge effect on their status of being ‘untouchable’ as well. Only one question remains: who will get this big score?!

Choose your gang and assemble your crew, let’s go!

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