Tested: Casino & Space Station expansions Escape Room The Game

Posted on 2017-06-04

Maybe you've read our review of the original game Escape Room The Game by Identity Games or the first expansions Murder Mystery and Welcome To Funland? So far we loved every installment of this game. Now it's time to check out the two newest expansions: Casino & Space Station.
Like with the previous expansions you need the original game to play these; you'll need the Chrono Decoder to put in the solutions of the riddles and the Hint Decoder to decode the hints (if needed). Okay, got those? Collected a group of enthusiastic players? Let's play!

Casino - Escape Room The Game uitbreiding

We started with Casino, because this was supposed to be the easiest of the two (diffulty level: 3/5 stars). In this expansion you'll become part of a group of friends that travel from casino to casino scamming the places. You have a flawless system where you never go for too high an amount of money. This keeps you unnoticed and you never get caught. But then you hear one of your friends is caught and that you'll need the money to buy her free. Time to forget about your principles, get the money and save your girlfriend. Reactions to this expansions were a bit divided, but most of us agreed this was one of the least interesting expansions. Maybe some of the puzzles just weren't our thing, we're not really into puzzles with math and there's some stuff in there that's easy to overlook. The theme was also a bit less interesting to us. Not everything seemed totally logic and we needed a couple of hints to escape in time.

Space Station - Escape Room The Game uitbreiding 
Space Station
Directly after playing Casino we did Space Station. We were a bit afraid of the difficulty level, 4 out of 5 stars. Since Casino was 3 out of 5 stars and we just had a hard time with that one, we might be up for a challenge. This wasn't the case at all! We thought this one was a lot easier, but this might be because we thought this one was more logical and the puzzles more fun.

We all agreed upon liking the theme and the story of this one. In this expansion you end up in a Russian spacestation and everyone is in shock. Not only because of an explosion, but also because of the lifeless bodies of three Russians that are floating around. They would have been your translators during your spacetrip since everything around you is in Russian.

Next to the more math-related puzzles in Casino this expansion has more logical thinking and language-based puzzles: more our kinda thing! This resulted in us not needing any hints. The puzzles might have been more or our thing, but that doesn't mean they were easier. We almost took the entire hour because it took us longer to find the solutions. This really gave us the feeling we were getting our money's worth!

These expansions are once again a nice and welcome addition to the original game. If we have to compare em to the original game and the other expansions Space Station and Murder Mystery are our favorites. Casino would end up more at the bottom, probably just below Funland.

Although the box says it's recommended to play with at least 3 persons usually we play these games with the two of us. This works great. Especially when you played multiple games and know what to expect. This time we played with four persons. With two persons it's a bit more work and you get every little bit of the story, but even with four persons there's more than enough to do and you're able to share you experience with more persons (which is always a nice thing). Nobody got bored, that's for sure.

And now we'll just have to wait again! In our interview with the makers of these games you can read that they're working on a Virtual Reality expansions. We're really curious about that!

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