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Posted on 2016-11-09

If you follow us on Facebook you'll probably already knew, the team went to Budapest. Budapest is known as the Walhalla of escape rooms in Europe. In total we played ten escape rooms and you can read our reviews below!

Saturday 8th of October

Played room: Hangar 18
Address: 1013 Budapest Pauler Street 18

The first escape room was a walk away from our hotel, so we decided to play that one on the day of our arrival: Hangar 18 by Verem. When we entered the building we were welcomed by an employee. He was friendly, but a bit coy and not really enthusiastic, maybe because of the language barrier. We were much more positive about the room though! "Hangar 18" had big rooms, great and original puzzles and was well decorated, totally in theme. We needed some hints for the final part, but we managed to escape well within time. Afterwards our host told us that "The Dictator" was his favorite so I guess we need to go back some day. Either way, a nice start of our Budapest trip.

Sunday 9th of October

Played rooms: Egypt & Medieval.
Address: 1061 Budapest Paulay Ede Street 20

After a good night sleep we went on our way early in the morning. TRAP was the first location we would be hitting today. TRAP is a big franchise with locations all over the world. They even have two locations in Budapest. We booked two rooms at the Paulay Ede Street location. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly host, his English was great too. His storytelling seemed to be stuck on autopilot setting though, but that's probably because he needs to tell the same story every day. We started with the Egypt room. This looked great. Fun, varied puzzles with great props and decorations. We didn't see a single number or padlock either. We didn't have much trouble with this room and escaped with ease. The medieval room turned out more difficult for us. This room also looked great, but we totally overlooked a couple of things. This in combation with many puzzles based upon math (not our thing) made us need a bit more time than the usual 60 minutes.

We noticed both rooms had bigger, 'physical' puzzles. Typically afterwards the host told us that "The Secret Tomb" (one of the rooms we didn't play) was his favorite. Guess we need to put that on the list for our next trip.


Gozsdu Mission
Played rooms: White Mission, Prison Mission, Maffia Mission
Address: 1075 Budapest Dob Street 16

After a quick lunch it was time for Gozsdu Mission. We already heard great things about White Mission, so our expecations were high. After a friendly welcome we could start right away. When you enter the White Mission you enter a completely white room that you'll need to escape. We were unstoppable in this room and got out in an hour, without hints. This turned out to be a new record for two persons. Normally you get 90 minutes for this room. The host was somewhat impressed and we started talking. We needed to wait for more than an hour until we could play Mafia Mission but when he showed us Prison Mission we decided to play that one too. The Prison Mission is a typical classic room. Really lineair too. This makes it a nice room for beginners, but not one of our favorites! We noticed we tried to go too quickly in this room and needed to take a step back and don't overthink it.

Then it was time for Mafia Mission. Also a typical classic escap eroom, but one experience players like to see. Here we clearly noticed we were getting tired though and we needed one hint near the end. We did manage to escape in time though. All in all this was our favorite location so far. Because we played all three rooms we did get a nice discount and the drinks we had were from the house. Great! Friendly people, great rooms, a recommendation for sure!


Played room: Heaven & Hell
Address: 1072 Budapest Nyár Street 27

After a fine meal at a small restaurant nearby (see foto) we went into the direction of Heaven & Hell by E-Exit. We had no idea what to expect, but the employee clearly was an enthusiast and told us all about their escape rooms. This escape room was a bit scarier, but there's nothing to be afraid of. It's more B-horror than really scary. Some parts are probably not ideal for people with claustrophobia (which might be a problem in an escape room anyway...), but it made for an experience for sure. We also liked the contrasts in this room. And while we were getting pretty tired by now, we didn't really notice that while playing. Always a good thing. We did need a hint near the end though. This escape room was totally different from the others, but we really liked it!


Monday 10th of October

Played rooms: The Cathedral & Shogun
Address: 1055 Budapest Szent István körút 9 (doorbell 48)

Time flies. The final day already. We went on our way to Mystiqueroom early. Atmosphere and decorations wise Mystiqueroom were a highlight. Sadly medieval rooms apparently still aren't our thing (this trip at least). We were having trouble with The Cathedral, we didn't think everything was totally logical. But, with some hints, we managed to escape. The Shogun room went a lot better. Fun, varied puzzles and we managed to escape without hints. We did encounter two puzzles (although slightly different) we already saw at Gozsdu, but that didn't bother the experience at all. The host was friendly and his English was fine.

Played rooms: Geen
Address: 21 Katona Jozsef street, Budapest

Because we had some time left between Mystiqueroom and Pirate Cave we spontaneously decided to do another escape room. Mindcrime was near, so we just walked to the entrance. After some searching (the entrance was around the corner of the given address) we ended up at a closed door. We decided to call them up and they did let us know that within 40 minutes someone would come to let us in. It was going to be tight, but we thought we would manage. 40 minutes later nobody was there though. 10 minutes later (we were about to leave already) someone showed up. They didn't had a key though. Well... I Guess we can't say a thing about this escape room.


Pirate Cave
Played rooms: Pirate Cave
Address: 1106 Budapest Fehér Street 10

We saved Pirate Cave for last because it wasn't really nearby, but relatively close to the airport. We had no idea what to expect, but this turned out to be one of the most fun escape rooms we ever played. All puzzles and even the hint system was totally in theme. The atmosphere and decorations were great and even the way you went from one room to another was in theme. We did need a hint for the last part and because we misunderstood an audio fragment we became best friends with the pirate skeleton. After playing we talked with the enthusiastic host for a while, she even explained how to reach the airport the fastest. A great way to end our trip and if you plan on going to Budapest make sure to add this one to your list.



We noticed that all photos were being taken in the rooms. In the Netherlands you usually take the photos outside of the room, to prevent spoilers. In Budapest they don't seem to bother. You do get better photo's that way!

If you are interested in discounts, you can check You can find discount coupons here. We didn't use any of those though, since most of them are only cheaper if you are with more than two persons. We did mail with most escape rooms though and if we did play multiple rooms we did get good discounts.

We didn't really have any expecations before our trip. People that expect to be blown away by the rooms in Budapest might be in for a dissapointment though. To be totally clear: We didn't play a single bad room and we totally had a great time, but there's no world of difference between the better rooms of The Netherlands and Belgium and Budapest. That's not necessary either, but just make sure you don't go there with unreal expectations.

The best thing about Budapest is the fact that all the escape rooms are close to eachother, the costs are lot lower and the quality mostly is fine. So in that way it's a paradise for escapers for sure. Highlights for us were Pirate Cave & White Mission by Gozsdu Mission. These are now in our list of favorite escape rooms and definitely worth a visit when you're going to Budapest.

Got tips yourself? Let us know because we probably will go back a second time...

UPDATE on March 7 2017:
We went back and played fourteen more rooms! Curious what we thought about those? Read it here!

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