Get Out Brussels

A scenario worthy of the best thrillers takes you into a room … where you are locked . You are 3-6 people , now detectives, who must use their ability to act as a cohesive team and to unravel the mysteries of clues left . If only one team on both solves the plot, it is also because of the stress situation in which you need to act . The master of the game is outside of the team room and sees all, hears all . It has the ability to interact with you, you provide advice , but will he do?Your only certainty from the beginning to the end of the game is the countdown 60 minutes. It is little given the magnitude of this puzzle. Will you make it in time?
Opening hours
MON closed
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WED 10:0022:00
THU 10:0022:00
FRI 10:0022:00
SAT 10:0022:00
SUN 10:0022:00