Enygma is a new, fun experience set in the heart of Brussels. 

Locked in a room, you will be immersed in a world outside of time. Look for scattered clues to combine them and solve the enigmas which hold the key to your freedom.

• Spellbinding stories which will take you across the ages
• Mysterious puzzles built by our machiavellian engineers
• Incredible decors designed by theater professionals 

The Enygma adventure is open to all levels with a unique adaptive difficulty level. It is perfect for team buildings or quality time among friends or family. 

Come on in... let's see if you escape.
Opening hours
MON 10:0023:00
TUE 10:0023:00
WED 10:0023:00
THU 10:0023:00
FRI 10:0023:00
SAT 10:0023:00
SUN 10:0023:00