Tested: expansions Escape Room The Game

Posted on 2017-02-22

Some time ago we tested Escape Room The Game by Identity Games for you all. While it never will replace the experience of an actual escape room, we did enjoy it a lot. Needless to say we were pretty excited about these two expansions: Funland and Murder Mystery. This weekend we received them and we tested them out right away. Can they meet our expectations?

Keep in mind that you need the original game to play these expansions. Not only the Chrono Decorder, but also some other objects from the original game are re-used. More info on the original game and the Chrono Decoder can be found in this article.

We played Funland first. This expansions is about a decayed adventurepark where a little girl dissapeared. You won tickets, but of course your visit goes horribly wrong: you get locked up by a clown and have an hour to escape. Funland isn't easy, it's the hardest one of these two expansions. We needed a couple of hints and it was a close call, but we didn't manage to escape in time. We simply took way too long at the last puzzle because we were overthinking things. Recognizable from real escape rooms don't you think?

Murder Mystery
We might have dropped the ball on Funland, but we couldn't wait to start with Murder Mystery so we played it right away after finishing Funland. We loved the style of this expansion, that's why we kept it for last. In this expansion you play a detective that needs to solve a murdercase. Murder Mystery is a bit simpler in comparison to Funland which resulted in a solved murdercase and ten minutes left. We did need a hint though.

Both expansions have original, fun puzzles that totally fit the theme and they feel balanced. After playing the first three games from the original game without any trouble, we were looking forward to Temple Of The Aztec in the original game but this was a bit of a dissapointment because we felt it wasn't as logical as the others. So we were waiting for a challenging expansions and they delivered with these two. If we compare these expansions with the games in the original game Murder Mystery would be our new favorite and Funland would end up above Temple Of The Aztec. So both games maintain the level of quality of the original or even exceed it. Nicely done!

The balance in price and quality deseves a mention too. This way it stays interesting to buy new expansions and you can keep playing.

We're looking forward to the new expansions already! Luckily they're already announced! Somewhere between March and May Casino & Space Station will be released.

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