Tested: Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality

Posted on 2017-10-05

When Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality was announced, we were immediately excited and very curious. Since we have a PSVR (Virtual Reality for the Playstation 4 console) and have played all of the games of Escape Room The Game so far, we were very curious how the creators would tackle the combination of those two. In the meantime the game has been nominated for Toy of the Year again. In September we received a copy from Identity Games and of course we tested it for you right away! Could it meet our expectations?

In the box you will find the two expansions and the VR glasses. With this extension you do not necessarily need the base game. That's new: in previous extensions you did. However, you can now also choose to play with two mobile phones: one of the two phones then works as the Chronodecoder and the other you need for the VR environment. We have tested this option briefly and that seems to work fine. Eventually we played the game with the physical Chronodecoder and associated keys from the base game.

Escape Room The Game - VR bril

The attached VR glasses are basically nothing more than cardboard glass where you put your smartphone. Do not expect sharp HD images, but as the game is available for 24.95 euro, it's not that strange either. It does work though! In some respects even better, because where Nathalie gets sick of playing with the PSVR, she did not suffer from it while playing Escape Room The Game VR. This is mainly because you do not need the VR continuously while playing these expansions. You combine the information that is on your table with the information you get through the glasses. Not everyone has to put on the glasses either, as long as one person communicates information from the VR environment.

The VR addition also ensures that you can get into the story even more. The room you see is interactive: by pushing a button on top of your glasses, you can click in the VR environment. That works surprisingly well. It's a pity that you can see only one room per expansion in VR. There seems some room for improvement there. An intro and / or outro video could make it even better too.

The story of the first expansion, Submarine, revolves around the Drebbel Deep Sea Challenger. After a collision, the complete system is offline. It is up to you to get the spare battery working. You have an hour before you run out of oxygen.

In the beginning we had to get used to combining VR and the items on the table. Perhaps it's a tip for the creators to make some kind of tutorial so people can get used to the way you play and how to combine your items. It did cost us some time of the first game to get used to things.

Once we got into the flow, we were on a roll. Submarine has fun, original puzzles and, in combination with VR, Escape Room The Game comes even closer to the true escape room experience.

Behind Enemy Lines
In Behind Enemy Lines you crash your helicopter in enemy territory. You're balancing on the edge of a cliff and the pilot is nowhere to be found. Your goal is to make contact with the home base.

We started off pretty great and we enjoyed the once again fun and original puzzles. Unfortunately, however, we got stuck so bad in the third part that the hints did not even help. Just as you sometimes encounter a room with puzzles that don't work for you, this was the case for us too. That does not have to be the room's (in this case the game's) fault. We just don't like math and we eventually had to use the walkthrough to finish the game. If calculation and measurement are your thing then your experience is likely to be a lot more positive, because the final solution is correct and well made. Just not our thing.

All in all, we certainly had fun with this expansion, especially with Submarine. The price seems fair and the fact that you do not need the base game is a nice plus for people not owning that.

In addition, we see the potential in the combination with VR. It creates interesting new possibilities. That's why we are very curious about Identity Games' next project. Are they going to expand on this solid VR base and raise the bar? We feel there are opportunities in that direction for sure.

Escape Room The Game - Virtual Reality was provided to us by Identity Games.

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