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Posted on 2017-08-14

In July we went to Rome for a couple of days. This time it wasn't an specific escape room trip though. Not like we went to Budapest twice before. And since Nathalie is almost 7 months pregnant we also had to take things a bit more slowly. We couldn't totally control ourselves though and before we knew we had booked 7 escape rooms again. And since there isn't that much information on escape rooms in Rome on the internet yet, we would like to share our experience with you.

Game Over Escape Rooms
Via Giuseppe Marcora, 3 - Website

After a bit of webbrowsing Game Over Escape Rooms looked interesting to us. The photo's on the website looked good and the reviews were positive. We also got in touch with one of the owners and they helped us out with picking the rooms and the best order to play them. Since we played four rooms we also got a nice discount. Great!

Game Over Escape Rooms

The main thing we immediately noticed was the great finishing of all the rooms. We already saw that on the photo's, but you never know how it is in reality. The welcome and guidance was fine too.

We started with the Chocolate Factory. Nothing mindblowing, but a fine room to start with. It had real melting chocolate (and it's smell) in the room. This room had fairly logical puzzles. After that it was time for Tutankhamun's Tomb, an Egyptian room like you want to see them. Nice puzzles in a good looking room. After a short break and a 200 meter walk to the other location it was time for Jack The Ripper, one of the new rooms. Also the room we had the most trouble with. We didn't think everything was totally logical and because we collected a couple of objects on top of an other object a trigger didn't work and our gamemaster even had to come into the room to reset this part. We also needed some extra time to reach the end of this room. That ending is quite strong by the way. We ended with the Forbidden Temple Of Montezuma. We were told beforehand that this was their hardest room. After our poor performance in Jack The Ripper we were afraid for a disaster, but that turned out totally differently. This was more our kinda room. Fun, diverse and original puzzles. We needed one or more hints in every room expect for this one, we even set a record.

After playing the final room we had a chat with the enthusiastic owner. He used to own a restaurant, but got hit with the escape room virus. His location of the Game Over franchise is doing so well that he closed his restaurant and now there are also plans for a new location in a different city in Italy and more new rooms at the current location. All aside the Saw, Mission Impossible & Game Of Thrones rooms in Rome that we didn't play. They're not quite sitting still here.

Magic Escape Room
Via Bolzano, 40 – Metro Annibaliano, B1 - Website

We stumbled upon Magic Escape Room because of their Azkaban room and the positive reviews on the internet. We also got in touch with the owner beforehand. He was very enthusiastic and also gave a discount because we played all rooms. He couldn't be there when we played his rooms because he had to perform as a magician elsewhere in Italy. It does explain the name of the escape room and the choice for Houdini & Harry Potter themed rooms though. He arranged an English teacher as his replacement, who spoke English perfectly.

Magic Escape Rooms

We started in a good way with the Picolla Emily (Little Emily) room. A room where you are hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and you need to solve what happened to Emily. An exciting room where the story gets told in a great way with original puzzles and scare effects. This room also had a great ending. After that we played Studio Di Houdini (Houdini’s Studio), here you need to find Houdini's testament. A beautiful, classic room with nice puzzles. We could argue about the puzzle at the end, but at the very least it's original. As the final room we played Fuga Da Azkaban (Escape From Azkaban). People who are familair with Harry Potter probably already recognized the name, but this room is indeed inspired by Harry Potter. Nathalie couldn't wait to play this one. In this room you get accused of poisoining your classmates and you get locked in the prison of Azkaban. This also felt like the biggest room of all three and it makes good use of an actor.

You can clearly feel the love that has been put into these rooms. At Magic Escape Rooms the stories are front and center and really come to live and you clearly work towards a goal. 

Escape rooms in Italy aren't as big as over here, but the level of quality of the rooms was fine. Time flew. It was also a big plus that all rooms had an airco, especially considering the hot weather in Rome.

Both locations were totally different. Where Game Over shines in the finishing and use of technology, Magic Escape Room has a bit more 'soul' to their rooms and the rooms feel a bit more original. Whatever floats your boat, we enjoyed ourselves at both locations. If we had to pick favorites, Nathalie's favorite would be the Fuga Da Azkaban room at Magic Escape Room and Pim's would be the Forbidden Temple of Montezuma room at Game Over.

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