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I have now played nearly 40 escape rooms and The Freak Show is still my top room. The atmosphere they have created is just brilliant. The room has things I have never seen in any other room (both puzzles, decor and special effects) and it is just a lot of fun. The puzzles are not the hardest ones you will find - but they are still good and challenging

  • FUN
  • Special Effects (Sound and light)
  • Decor
  • Good use of technology

Great absorbing room

Excellent theme, story line and decor make this room great - rather then special effects (which are good but not mind blowing). Nice to have a longer room time with lots to do in that time! We are experienced escape roomers so the puzzles could have been a bit tougher but this is definitely not a beginners room. We would highly recommend this room

  • Longer playing time 80mins
  • Theme
  • Decoration