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Teams, Players, MeetUp

Since approximately two years I play regularly Escape Rooms. I am part of many different Facebook and WhatsApp groups in different countries, and thanks to that I have played with different players in countries such as Argentina, Spain and Greece. Since two year I also organize regularly MeetUps (https://www.meetup.com/Escaperooms/) to play Escape Rooms in the country and I also organized a little trip to Belgium. For some strange reason the player community here in the Netherlands is not very social. I have organized every single game I have played in the Netherlands, with a few exceptions (not more than 5) and I believe it is in the interest of the community and of the industry to have a more lively social scene. By that, I mean in particular, more people searching for other players, expanding their players network and hopefully also organizing, welcoming new players, etc. A stronger player community is also useful for escape room enthusiasts from other places coming to visit, that need other players to play some of the games, specially considering that many rooms in the Netherlands do not offer 2-person prices.
I am sure there must be many couples and single players out there looking for opoortunities to join other people and I thought about creating a plattform for that in Facebook. The MeetUp function in escapetalk (for the reasons above) has not been exploited and although I will continue organizing in MeetUp, it only allows for organizers to create events and the idea of the new group is that anybody can join and offer other people the possibility to join or try to organize something on a given date together. I am not sure, why the scene in the Netherlands is the way it is, and maybe the group is doomed to fail, but I thought it would be nice to group people who share this common interest and think alike. Just to clarify, I am not an owner, I do not own any website, blog or similar, and my interest is only as a player. If you like the concept feel free to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/406529539983043/

Re: Teams, Players, MeetUp

Hi Soi,

I have met and played numerous escape rooms with 5 reviewers out of the top 10 here on Escapetalk. I think I've played rooms with over 40 different people I had never met before.

That is because we all met on www.nmlk.nl. You can organize events on that website the same way you can on meetup, the difference is that this site is Dutch only.

Multiple escape room player groups have formed because of that website, including players making trips to Prague, Budapest, Tallinn and maybe more I don't know about. The escape community there is active with players between 25 and 65 years old.

I just checked and at this very moment there are 14 events looking for players to play a room. 10 events are full and 4 events are still looking for 1-2 players.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why it's hard to find Dutch players on meetup. There are different, Dutch only websites that offer the same service: meeting people to enjoy different events together. Besides nmlk there are more options, I'm not a member there so I can't inform you about that any further.

However, if you are interested to play a room with me, I'm open to book something ;)

Re: Teams, Players, MeetUp

Hi Shanna!

Thanks a lot for the reply. I think that will be helpful for other players as well and I will take a look for sure. It is great to know, that there are other instances and I am happy to read that you had good experiences with it. In any case when I compare to the scenes in othe countries, they operate mostly through Facebook and WhatsApp groups and not some rather obscure local website. Furthermore this site (like MeetUp) appears to be for all kind of events. Both sites usually have also the limitation, that you have to create an event with date and time, while my idea was also to be able to connect people and to be able to find for instance players that want to play the same room and then they can organize a date and tie themselves, or spontaneous proposals, which work better in an unstructured way (FB, WhatsApp) than on a plattform likes the ones mentioned above.
An additional reason has to do with international connections. A local website, which is difficult to find is not very useful for a visitor. I have shared games with people from other places and it is actually great, because one day you might visit the place they come from and will be able to find partners more easily I believe more and more people are travelling to play escapes or playing escapes while travelling.
I think the more active the community the better for both players and industry and making it more visible can only be positive. I would love for instance that people posting in NMLK would also share their links if they need more players in the FB group. I have to say that other groups in MeetUp occasionally also create evnts for escape rooms, but there is a difference betweenn groups for other purposes that play once in a year and we, the hardcore addicts.
Anyway, appreciate a lot the exchange and sure we could play something together :)

Re: Teams, Players, MeetUp

I also think it's a cultural thing where people from the Netherlands (and maybe Belgium?) are just a bit more individual? I'm not a big fan of playing with strangers either. I don't mind playing with others, but I do like to know them. But maybe that's just me :)

And that's coming from the person who came up with the meet up function on this site. It was never popular though and it might just dissapear from the site in future versions unless I'm missing a good reason to keep it on the site?

That being said we really need to play a room together sometime Santiago :)

Re: Teams, Players, MeetUp

Team Stranger Danger exists because of the meet up functionality and I'm very happy about that! We got a new escape group and new friends! I would hate to see the meet up functionality go on escapetalk.nll.
I never knew. That's awesome to hear :)

Anyone else?

If we're going to keep it: Any tips to improve it ?

Re: Teams, Players, MeetUp

Yes, I think I do.

It should be more visible on the website. It isn't a menu-item, except on the bottom of the site. Maybe you could, the same as with the forum, make a frame with meet ups posted the last 1 or 2 weeks?
I think it would help if meet ups are archived. There are meet ups from 2016 and 2018. This implicates that no one is using it and that you shouldn't either because nobody is watching there. It was a thought of myself before I posted a meet up.
Maybe you could add a functionality that you can enter 2 people. If I would like to meet-up I would like to that for me and my partner, but my partner isn't an active member on escapetalk.nl. So maybe some sort of functionality where you can register that you want to meet-up with 2. And when I asked for a meet-up I preferred to meet another couple. Maybe it could be a picklist, where you can say: I am looking for a couple, non-couple or it doesn't matter.

If I come up with more, I will let you know!

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