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Recommendations Belgium

Hello enthusiasts from Belgium! I am planning a Belgium tour and I would like some recommendations in order to include the very best of the country. Unluckily there are not enough reviews for the rooms over there here. I have found other Belgium sites, but in many of them the information is even more limited than escapetalk.nl or not very reliable. So, please recommend me the very best that you have played over there (maybe mentioning as well how many rooms you have played in total). I want to collect the best 10-15 games. Thanks!

Re: Recommendations Belgium

If you're really into horror, you should check out "I can hear you" from Entered.


They don't identify themselves as an Escape Room and more as a "Real-Life Horror Experience", but it's very awesome and has some minor puzzles you need to solve.

You are a private detective agency that has to investigate a (real) abandoned hospital where an old doctor is last seen and find out what he's up to. You have to remain unseen as the doctor still roams the halls. If he catches you, you're out.

Re: Recommendations Belgium


The best of Belgium :
https://degoudenkooi.be/en// The secret of Saint-rumoldus (must do)
https://themissinglinkescape.be/ Jumanji
https://kraakfabriek.be/EN/index.html play the illusionist for sure

these i played for myself and where all great. There are a lot more good puzzel rooms.

https://escapetalk.nl/en/escaperooms/#e ... jpmYWxzZX0

Some sites are only in Dutch, if you need any help, just ask.

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