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2) Wees aardig tegen elkaar.

Escape room toernooi

<Ik post dit in het Engels omdat onze escape game ook in het Engels is>

No plans yet this or next weekend? Join our online Escape Room Tournament!
For the past few weeks we’ve been working hard to create a new one. And we just launched it with a tournament.

The story: “Three people have gone missing. The FBI is getting desperate as the last person is one of their own agents. A mysterious trail of riddles is left behind in the agent’s house and the FBI wants you to come and help solve them…”

The tournament: By solving escape room like challenges, you will unravel the story and hopefully find out what really happened. You give your answers online and see the result directly on your personal scorecard. You can play it anywhere from now up to Sunday June 14 (it will take you, alone or with friends, a couple of hours).

Do you dare to pick up the challenge and see if you can let the Stars & Stripes show at the top of the scoreboard? There is even a price for the the winner.

Here is your starting point to join the tournament (this week for a discounted price of US$ 5): https://www.wackywheels.nl/mystery-games/tournament/

And please let us know how you like it!

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