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Help on Escape Rooms Trip in Netherlands

Hi Guys,
I'm coming to UTG2020 (for the 4th time) and trying to plan the trip, I would love some info from this group.
The idea is to start in Germany (Berlin-Hamburg) and than drive to Breda. so I'm looking for great rooms I can do along the way.
We have already played the majority of the top 20 rooms in EscapeTalk rating, so I would love your ideas on:
(we are a group of 4, maybe 3 in some cases, very experienced, +500 rooms...)

-Bella ciao!
-De Concierge (we did played Kamer 237)
-Escape From Wonderland
-Triplicate Institute
-The Execution
-EscapeRoom Groenlo 1627
-Casino Mortale
-Gold mine
- Inferno

Any other room that is not in the top 20 list that is really worth doing?

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Re: Help on Escape Rooms Trip in Netherlands

Exactly what kind of info are you looking for? I mean, there are plenty of reviews on these rooms available :P

I realize that most reviews are in Dutch, so maybe not that useful. So here are the ones i played in your list:

Bella Ciao!
Very cool room. I haven't seen the Netflix series, but i could still appreciate how the room was made. Some very cool puzzles and the decoration is top notch. My only gripe with the room was the volume of the music was a bit too loud

Escape from Wonderland
Very nicely decorated room in the city center of Leiden (nice old Dutch town, so plenty to do around it if you want). I personally wasn't a fan of the math puzzles, but there are plenty of other puzzles to do as well.

Re: Help on Escape Rooms Trip in Netherlands

Thank you.
I'm looking for the point of view of experienced players, and sometimes reviews in escape-room portals is more of a popularity contest (the owner with the most friends is rated the highest).

- What about playing DE CONCIËRGE for pepole that played Kamer 237? how different is it?
- What rooms would you recommend on the eastern side of the country, when coming from Germeny?

Re: Help on Escape Rooms Trip in Netherlands

- What about playing DE CONCIËRGE for pepole that played Kamer 237? how different is it?
It's a 2 player room. Not for less, not for more, exactly build for 2 players. That's a huge difference. There's a part in Kamer 237 that blew our minds when we played it. There's not really something like that in De Conciërge, but the whole room feels like a loveletter to escape rooms. So I would definitely play it if you have the chance.

We really loved Bella Ciao! We did watch the series (can't wait for the new episodes!) and it does add a lot to the experience.
We really liked Triplicate Institute too. Great room.
The Execution is another great room by the guys in Rijswijk. Looks and plays great!
Gold Mine in Zandvoort is some time ago, we played it as a duo and didn't manage to escape but we really liked it anyway.

Re: Help on Escape Rooms Trip in Netherlands

You guys are also welcome in our Escape Room "De Juwelier van de Onderwereld". We have our room in Bergen op Zoom, about 30 minutes South-West of Breda. At the moment we have place 32 on this site and are also building a second room which will open in a few weeks. A special thing about our Escape Room: if you guys Escape within 45 minutes without any clues. The Escape Room will be totally free!

I hope to see you guys at our Escape Room and (otherwise) also at Up The Game 2020!

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