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Posted on 2018-08-09

After playing escape rooms in places like Budapest and Rome it was time for a new destination. Because of all the great stories we've heard we quickly decided on Berlin. After asking around a bit we came to an interesting, but modest, list of escape rooms we wanted to visit. Curious what we thought? Read on!

House of Tales

Zimmerstraße 90, 10117 Berlin - Website

The first location we visited was House Of Tales. Close to Checkpoint Charlie in a building with lots of history. The first speech by Hitler took place here for instance. Not that you'll notice it now. The reception room looks modern, has some nice puzzles on the tables, and the friendly owner brought us in the right mood right away. We were looking forward to playing!

Kowloon - Walled City was the first room we played. In this story you have to research the rise of a competiting family. You end up in a back alley and have to get in unseen. We quickly found out it wasn't really a kids room: lots of explicit grafity, dildo's and manga porn. The room's 18+ for a reason. It does fit right in with the thema though and it made us laugh. The room's atmosphere is great and convincing and the puzzles are interesting. The gamemaster stayed in her role during the entire game too. We escaped safely before time ran out. You can also play this room with two teams, against eachother. 

The second and last room we played here was The Executioner. This time we got captured by a cult that makes human sacrifices. You already guessed who their next victims were going to be right? Oh well, since you're reading this you already understand we got out before the executioner returned. The way this room starts is something we've seen before in other rooms, but it still works. The Executioner also has a great convincing atmosphere. The puzzles are original and there's great use of tech (especially in the middle of the experience). We also like the way you eventually escape. It really gives you the feeling of a proper escape.

All in all two great rooms to start with. We can totally recommend them both! If this is the level of Berlin we can't wait to see the rest!

The Room in Berlin

Ruschestrasse 64-66, 10365 Berlin - Website

We heard so many great stories about these rooms that even the fact that Nathalie broke her toe that morning wasn't going to stop us. Walking wasn't going that smoothly, but we wanted to play these rooms no matter what. 

We started with Go West. This room has a theme that fits perfectly with Berlin: Escape from East Germany. This is the oldest room on this location and it shows and feels like that. Not only because of the story. That doesn't mean that this room is outdated though, it's still really good and we had a great hour. The setting and story is done really well and both the looks and the puzzles (also because of the theme / story) are really diverse. A great start of the second day!

After we had a glass of Fritz Cola! it was time for The Beast of Berlin. This room, about a serial killer, starts in an old study. The atmosphere and thrills (especially in the last part) grow during the game. When we rather stick together and slowly open a door first before we walk through it you know the room is doing great on the excitement part. Even though there was a small reset error (this can always happen) we escaped within time. This room had nice original puzzles, lots of searching and looked the part. We especially loved the atmosphere in the last part ofthe game. This is a room we can absolutely recommend if you're not too easily scared.

We finished with The Lost Treasure Of Humboldt. The newest room on this location, but already a year or two old. We laughed hard during the introduction. I don't know if it's like that every time, but we enjoyed it a lot. After that we felt like some sort of Indiana Jones (or Lara Croft / Nathan Drake for the youngest generation) where we solved puzzle after puzzle and got closer and close to our exit. The puzzles are original and the way the story gets told is great. In the last second we managed to escape. All in all a great way to finish this location.

Both The Beast of Berlin as The Lost Treasure Of Humboldt are on our list of favorite rooms. They're working on a new room that should be finished soon. As soon as that's finished we'll definitely go back some day. If you go to Berlin you absolutely need to include The Room in your list.

Exit VR

Klosterstrasse 62, 10179 Berlin - Website

Exit felt a bit like a factory when we walked through the doors. We had the same feeling at Locked in Budapest, but here even more so. It was a coming and going of groups and with about 15 gamemasters busy the whole time you can safely say it was quite busy.

Huxley would be our first VR escape room and the people that already played it really raved about it. Of course we played the VR expansion of Escape Room The Game and Pim played a couple of escape room related games on his PSVR. But this was going to be the first real VR escape room we were going to play. After our game master introduced himself we followed him through the huge building to the room were our adventure was going to take place. A nice walk since Exit is located inside an old bunker, a great location. At the same time a group was playing the game in a room next to us, but you don't really notice that during playing the game.

We were handed a backpack with a computer, VR glasses and touch controllers for both hands. After we picked an avatar and played a short tutorial (smart!) we started the game. It's quite a strange feeling to actually be in the game. We quickly figured out what to do and with about 9 minutes left (of the 45) we managed to reset Huxley's brain and end the avonture on a good note. The minigame afterwards doesn't have anything to do with the main game, but it was sure fun to play.

Nathalie was really impressed. She thought the experience was fantastic and really had to 'come down' after playing. Everything felt a bit unreal afterwards, like she was still in the game. Pim was a bit more critical. Maybe spoiled by games like I Expect You To Die and Statik on the PSVR he thought the free movement and the ability to work together were great, but he didn't get blown away. Something he hoped for. Graphically it looks great, but the puzzles and story could have been better according to him. The tracking issues, lag and loading screens where everything turned black also took him a bout out of the experience. Something that rarely happens with a real escape room. We both agreed we had lots of fun though. We want to recommend it to everyone, to give it a try. Besides that we totally see the potential and are curious where this is going to lead.

Final Escape Berlin

Prenzlauer Allee 23 - Website

Final Escape was our final destination. Pun intended. We were growing a bit tired, but we looked forward to playing these rooms since we heard good things about them.

They were in the middle of a big redecoration, but we got a warm welcome and relaxed a bit while The Puppeteer was being prepared. This room is a steampunk spin on the story of Pinocchio. Great idea. First we walked through a beautiful room, totally in Steampunk style. You can rent this room for meetings for example. Since this room already looked great we couldn't wait to see the actual escape room. When we did, it blew our minds with its great looks. It really looks that great. We didn't manage to get in the right flow though. The room started with technical problems right away and our game master had to enter the room at least 3 times. Once isn't a big problem to us, but 3 times is too many. But even after that we didn't feel the puzzles were that logical. They are original and all look beautiful but we never got the feeling we were in the right flow. Besides that there were elements in the room that seemed like they were part of the game but apparently weren't. Why our game master did let us fool around with that for a proper 10 minutes we don't really know. In the end we escaped in time, but we felt like we had to ask for a zillion hints. Our game master said they always had to give a lot of hints. After walking out we thought it was because we were tired but asking around among other people who played the room seemed to confirm our experience. So we have mixed feelings about this room. Maybe our expectations were too high. In the end it doesn't matter how great a room looks, if it doesn't play well it will not be a great experience.

Afterwards it was time for Prison Break. In this room you escape from a Stasi prison. This room might be less exciting with its looks, but it does fit right in with the theme. It really feels like a prison. Usually not our favorite theme, because it's been done so many times before. But if it's done well like The Prison Cell at The Great Escape in Zwolle (Netherlands) it can be great.

We didn't start off really well though. During the start of this room Pim had some sort of mental crash. The fatigue and the frustration of the previous room got the best of him and made us get stuck on a pretty simple puzzle at the start of the game. This had nothing to do with the room or the game masters, this was simply a complete lack of ability to think logical at that moment. When the aha moment finally came we actually managed to redeem ourselves. And even while we thought we were never going to make it in time, we managed to solve the remaining, original and fun, puzzles rather quickly and escaped well within the time limit. The way you escape is a great ending to the room. This room felt, even with Pim's breakdown, a lot more logical. Prison Break is a room we actually can totally recommend and it made a great ending to our trip to Berlin.

Of course we only played a small amount of rooms, but we can highly recommend Berlin as an escape room trip destination. The quality of the rooms is very high and of course Berlin itself is a beautiful city to explore. We will go back for sure. If only to play that new room at The Room.

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Hi, nice list - but somehow definately missing my favourite in Berlin: Illuminati Escape. All rooms there are bound together with one story - and every room is different but really really great. Same level as "The Room" - but very nice themes! I played all rooms there in two days - after playing Cyber Attack I also had to see Jackpot and the Alien Grill. A must visit. Li

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